Radio Latino INC is the leading digital content radio station focused on “The Empowerment” of the business community, delivering human interest stories and latest news from leaders in the entertainment, education, community and immigration sectors. Established in 2016, we are a Women Owned Tech Start Up based in Los Ángeles, CA.


We make ourselves heard anytime and anywhere, we are experts on creating audio-visual content. More than entertain, we educate, advise and inform. Our radio is visited by entrepreneurs, authors, motivational speakers well-known celebrities and more.


Sonia Morffi, Founder and CEO Of Radio Latino INC., brought to life the vision that she had always dreamt about.

Radio Latino INC.´s goal: Provide listeners of all walks of life, a platform that is different from what is already out here. Bringing a variety of shows to life, and create a platform of ¨real talk¨ with different types of experts, that can guide you to successfully career.

Sonia was born and raised in the city of Zamora Michoacan, Mexico, to a family of politics as well as artistically diverse. Seeing many in her family become established in worldwide media attention, Sonia experienced a different side to those people. Thus, began her idea to create a platform, in which people of success, could promote and express the other side that rarely gets exposed  and transform into a great mentorship stories. She decides to sell her home of which she had worked hard as a paralegal for more than 7 years, she is also a single mother of 4 children. Her goal is to educated, inspire, and generate an entrepreneur mindset into her listeners.

One year later, on air with six shows worldwide, Sonia Morffi has managed to successfully run her radio station. However, duim that ear, she realized that no matter how much amazing and informative content was brought she needed to find  a way to successfully give back to her community. Radio Latino Inc. has branched off, and brought to life Radio Latino foundation.

Radio Latino Foundation aims to united the community worth other organizations to help those who are in need or who´s resources are scarce. Radio Latino´s mission is develop, promote, and implement training programs with nonprofit organizations, public and private organizations, governmental and nongovernmental institutions through projects in education, health, business, tourism sports, gastronomy, art, culture, expos and fairs, as well as important and export at a national level.